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Friday, May 17, 2002

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Went to watch it with CY tonite...the beginning was kinda slow and the acting was kinda bad.....let's just say I wasn't convinced there's any love between Anakin and Padme.....Another thing I didnt like was Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Since watching Episode 4 as a kid, I always envisioned Obi-Wan as a wise Jedi with a firm grasp on the use of the force, somewat comparable to any venerable old Shaolin Master in HK kung-fu flicks. Ewan McGregor was ok in Episode 1, looked abit pussy but he's still young so give chance....but now 10 yrs later, he didnt look much older but instead he looked like George Lucas just glued some hair on his face. The facial hair dun look convincing enuff, although I think they are real, after watching him talk bout the film in the trailers on Ch5....haha, he shouldn't grow hair on his face.... Ewan McGregor's built is also kinda small, a contrast to the Obi-Wan in Episode 4. Thought that the sound was abit soft, but that's the cinema's fault, I think there wasn't any DTS or Dolby Surround in the cinema....maybe there was, I just couldn't hear it.....then the experience would have been better

Noticed a few typical Kurosawa styles used in the movie, like using the fade away effect to change scenes, use of wide camera lens etc. You'll get to see lots of lesser characters that will appear in Episode 4 to 6, like Owen Larrs (Anakin's stepbro but Luke's guardian in Tatooine b4 Obi-Wan changed his life forever) and Boba Fett (Bounty-hunter that caught Han Solo). Visually, the movie was stunning. Lots of action sequences at the end, totally loved the mega Jedi battle scenes and as always, lightsabers are always cool :)

Grew up with the Star Wars movies. I thought Episode 4 to 6 were cool. Always spend a few days pretending I was a Jedi Master, waving sticks around, making stoopid lightsaber noises....hehe, that was fun.....When Episode 1 came out, I wasn't impressed at all, thought it was kinda kiddy, maybe it was George Lucas' ploy to attract kids (that never seen Episodes 4 to 6) to the Star Wars bandwagon. The only cool thing bout it was Darth Maul but only becos of his lightsaber (like I've said b4, lightsabers are always cool and his is double-bladed somemore, way cool). So I guess I'm tryin to say this: Any movie that makes me wanna be a Jedi is good enuff.....

So wat bout this time? Let's just say for the next few days I'll be waving a stick around the house.... Yoda rocks!!! ;)

May the Force be with you.....