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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

The previous posting is a little rhyme that I wrote during the times when I just finished A' Levels and was waiting for entry to NUS. Didn't think much when I wrote it so dun ask me about the significance of the pig or kite... Just think watever u want, ok?

In fact I wrote alot of these nonsensical rhymes during the days in VJC. They were stoopid (much funnier than this piggy rhyme). Used to spend lots of time scribbling them on some paper during tutorial times, then folding the paper into some nice shape and then delivering it to her locker....Sigh...Charlotte....We used to exchange notes with each other, almost everyday. We will write bout stuff that happened to us that particular day etc. Always looked forward to breaks so I can run to my locker to check for any notes from her. A little tip to guys out there, little stuff like these will get u the girl. She told me they were funny and she did mentioned her frens were impressed too. It's a pity I never kept copies of the rhymes...in fact, I only found two of them.....the first and the last rhymes I gave to her (cos I drafted those).....

Ok, the 1st one.....wrote it on a V-Day card and gave it to her....quite weak and cheesy lah, dun laugh...

I was standing in a shop,
My pants were about to drop,
Thinking of gifts to buy
and why the sky is so high.

Waiting at the line,
To pay with coins that shine,
I thought of poor Charlotte
and my mind grew alert.

So I grabbed a card,
Choosing it was hard.
Something very simple
And yet not ugly like a pimple.

I got home late,
Did something I really hate...
Spending lots of time
Trying to make this rhyme.

I know this is cock,
But please do not mock
Cos' I just wanna say
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

The last rhyme I gave her was after we broke up and I decided to write her a final letter cos I didnt say much to her when she dumped me. It's not like some malicious letter, telling her to watch out cos I gonna to stalk her....but it's just a need to tell her that it's cool and we will remain close friends....insert *cynical laugh*...

Your words hurt me deep,
So much that I couldn't sleep;
I'm like a little white sheep,
That has just lost his little Bo Peep.
Time will heal all that bleeds,
And I will not weep.