flat·u·lence 1) The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract. 2) Self-importance; pomposity.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

"I dun like her. Actually the KL girl is not that pretty. There's other much more pretty girls. But she has a very pretty personality and very nice to talk to.....Which is what is really important when you like a girl, rite?"
- RCC, on the KL colleague that he claims he doesn't like....

The reason I have included the quote from RCC is to illustrate the suffering I have to go thru every nite, when he comes home from work, plops himself onto my bed (making a FUCKIN mess of my bed **see below**). He will start to tell me about the girls that he had contact with on that particular day, how nice the girl is, wat they did and blah, blah, blah....I'll be trying ignore him....give him the silent treatment, treat every question like a rhetorical question, hoping he will quit tell me these pointless stories and leave me alone so that I can clean up the bloody mess he made on my bed....He always talks like he interested in the girl but never in a chance he will make a move on the girl, whenever I urge him to make a move, he will claim that he doesn't like her and give some lousy excuse....fucklar, act innocent har? bluff who, who u trying to kid...KNN, like say like lah, dun go talking 24/7 about her and say u have no interest in her... Take the quote from above, how am I supposed to reply to him? Tell him to go after her? Fuck, I have been telling him that ever since that girl joined his company.....I'm tired and pissed off....

Another thing. Most of the time, we talk about girls we like, well, he does too. He likes to tell me bout the girls he claims he has interest in too. In fact, I dun mind giving my comments and dispensing my valuable advice to him, in the hopes of helping him to get those girls....But I'm certainly not gonna waste good advice on him when i know he is not gonna go after those girls and all he wants to do is talk on and on about them and I reallly dun want to know!!! I always pride myself as a good listener to ppl's problems but I think I'll take a raincheck on this one....FUCK FUCK FUCK

Loe on RCC: "In my memory, RCC is not one who goes home like this...Come on, he only goes home once every year, CNY or some "die die have to go home " kind of occasion.."
Anyways, RCC is going back to KL this weekend cos it's the long Easter weekend. Holiday from Friday to Monday.
I felt that he could have stay in Singapore and go out with his girls or hang out with us or buy his super computer which he die die wanted to buy on Tuesday evening but nope...he wants to go back....
Reason? "just want to go back lor" but REAL Reason? "the KL girl is going back too and she is giving me a ride back"


** - My bed is one of the most important and sacred objects in my life. It's where I rest and where I'll get some booty in the near future.