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Monday, January 08, 2007


A week into 2007 and the nets are still SLOW!!!
I spend most of my time clicking the reload button cos the damn webpages dun load properly... sigh...
Surprisingly, the bittorrent speeds are pretty decent :)

Anyways, here's an update:

1) Finally bought the new Liverpool home jersey (from Queensway Shopping Centre)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Originally priced at $95 but I bargained it down to $90 since I was buying 6 jerseys - for Sky, Jwosh, Mel, Stove, Jase & myself.
Jase's jersey is a going-away present from the gang. He's leaving S"toopid"pore for the Land-Down-Under.

2) Bought another harddisk from Sim Lim Sq. A Samsung SATA2 400GB. It cost me about $220 which works out to be $0.55 per gigabyte. Quite a sweet deal.
Anyways, that brings my HDD total to 7. Here's the rundown:

1x 80Gb HDD (PATA, external)
1x 200Gb HDD (PATA, external)
1x 250Gb HDD (PATA, external)
2x 250Gb HDD (SATA, internal)
2x 400Gb HDD (SATA, internal)
Total Gigabytes = 1,830Gb :p

Checkout this article: "Here comes the Terabyte Hard Drive" on ZDNet.

Looks like 2007 is already looking good for the space hungry.
(A terabyte is a trillion bytes, or a million megabytes, or 1,000 gigabytes)

3) Then I went back JB for X'mas and spent the whole week eating aka destroying my 3-4 months of cardio work... 0_o


Since everybody's doing new year resolutions, here's mine:

1) Belly Begone!
No more love handles but the paunch is still there, taunting me, refusing to go away.
It's make or break time. 2007 will be the year I turn lean.

2) Professional Couch Potato! A Lean Mean Professional Couch Potato!
To watch at least 50% of the shit I download. I have loads of unwatched anime, movies, TV, pron all stored in the 7 HDDs. Too much crap, too little time.

3) Jappo Jo!
I learnt Japanese a few years back. Ok, I tried taking Japanese lessons. Too hard. I gave up after a semester. I'm gonna try it again. But this time, I'm teaching myself via 6Gb of downloaded Japanese language aides.

4) Sorting out my Life
I've been stagnating for 6 months. Jobless since June '06, I've been doing whatever I want without ever having to worry about "work". While it has been wickedly fun, I think it's time to move on with my life.

Let's be realistic here, the probability of me striking lottery (1st prize, not the crappy $60 giveouts) is very, very, very slim...

Alot of important decisions are gonna be made this year. When I'm old & shit, I wanna look back to 2007 as the year I had a life-defining experience.

5) Family Focus
Haven't been going home. I blame the travelling. I always found the 2hr trip back to JB to be kinda of a chore to me. The tedious cross-country mrt trip from Eunos to Jurong East to Kranji. Then the causeway traffic jams. Then the crazy JB taxis.
This year, I'm gonna make an effort to go back home more. The folks back home really deserve more of my time.

Looks like I have a really full plate on my hands... Will I be overwhelmed and end up a BURNOUT?
(hmmm, me burnout? even when i'm not working?) 0_o

Stay tuned for updates...