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Thursday, June 15, 2006

WC - Free to View!

Y'all know public Indonesian TV channel, SCTV, is showing all the WC matches FOC?
Yup, I kid you not - Free Of Charge!

Basket, if I'd known earlier, I would have not signed on Starhub SCV's WC PPV (pay-per-view)...

Anyways, here's the updated list of PotentialChamps & LameassCockups:

Potential Champs:
(these stylo-milo ovaltines played the beautiful game the way it's supposed to...)
Czech Rep = Damn you, Arsene Wenger!
Argentina = Classy & deadly
Germany = a 4-2 score sans Ballack? Most attack minded German side ever? Best long range shooting so far...
Italy = see Argentina
Brazil = 1-0 but you can't stifle the SAMBA... Form is temporary but Class is permanent...
Spain = Underachievers no more! Brilliant demolition of Ukraine!

Lameass Cockups:
(clueless, 1-dimensional football at its best!)
England = Formation? Huh? Wat formation? 4-4-2? 4-1-2-1-2? 4-4-1-1? 4-1-4-1? How do you justify Sven being the most clueless and him being the highest paid manager in the world? 2 for the price of 1?
Holland = Get ball. Pass to Robben. Repeat. Van Basten's tight white short sleeves are so GAY...
Portugal = Yawn
France = Double Yawn. Like England, a bloody waste of footballing talents...

One more week of group matches to play... we'll see if the Lameass Cockups live up to expectations & actually play some decent football....