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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Katamari Damacy

My friends fail to see the beauty of Katamari Damacy. They say they don't understand the game.

I don't understand them.

Katamari Damacy (PS2)

Katamari Damacy is one of the most creative games I've played. It's fun, it's clever and most of all, it's HAPPY!!!

Katamari Damacy? Katamari means "clump", Damashii is the rendaku form of tamashii (soul or spirit).

The King of All Cosmos, got drunk one night and destroyed all the stars in the sky. You play the Prince, a 5cm little being, sent to Earth to gather materials to re-create the stars. But how?

You push a katamari - a magical sticky ball capable of collecting anything smaller than itself that it rolls over or against. You start small, slowly rolling over items, collecting them and building the katamari, growing bigger and bigger, collecting larger objects, cats, dogs, kids, cows, cars, trees, buildings, islands, typhoons.....hehehe...wickedly fun...

Now my friends think it's stupid and pointless. Come on lah, all games are like that. Game creators set cool objectives & deep storylines but ultimately a fps (first person shooter) is a shooting game, a rts (real-time strategy) game is "build your troops till they are large enuff and go destroy the opponent", a rpg (role-playing game) is "build your character up and go kill the big Evil", a racer is a racing game etc. Shooting ppl in HalfLife2, DOOM3 or CounterStrike, fun? Starcraft, Warcraft, C&C fun? A game is only fun if you can relate to it, imagine yourself in the game conditions, immerse yourself fully into the game...

I have friends asking me what are the objectives of "GOD" games like Sims or Peter Molyneux 's Black&White or Populous. The beauty of those games is there are no objectives. You, yes, you the gamer, sets the objectives. That's the beauty of the game! You set the objectives, you play the game according to the game parameters & limitations. Why do you need ppl to tell you what do to? Has your brain degenerated to a point where you can't think for yourself? Come on ppl, where's your IMAGINATION?

Ok. You had a real rough day at work, you fire up your PS2 to roll your katamari. Imagine you are the Prince rolling your katamari around, slowly building it to the size large enuff to roll over your boss, you crummy colleagues, the crappy office equipment and even the lousy office. Now, how is that not fun??!?!?

Anyways... Katamari Damacy also boasts of one of the best game soundtracks around. So catchy, so pure, so genuine...

Ultimately, Katamari Damacy is awesome. The quirky gameplay, the consistent presentation, charming visuals & outstanding perfect audio collection makes it a special ball of HAPPY!!! ^_^

Best of all, the sequel: We Love Katamari (Minna daisuki Katamari Damashii) is out in Japan already!!! The english version (USA release) is scheduled for Oct 2005. Can't wait!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Kat-a-mari Da-ma-cy!


moby sky said...

it's a dumb game. where's the challenge? i only felt my hands get numb from pressing all the buttons.

i'll stick to winning eleven any day.

Jo said...

excuses excuses...

bet ur hands get numb from winning eleven too...