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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Cambo Wedding Banquet

An ex-colleague (Singaporean) got hitched with a local girl (Cambodian) recently. He has become a stat in the ever increasing number of Sporean men "outsourcing" Indo China countries for their life partners. Great debates have been waged over this phenomenon so I'm not gonna get myself involved in this cess pool of complaints, finger pointing etc..... well, maybe just this: "Singapore Women - Wake Up Your Idea!!!" & "Singapore Men - Leave Some for Me!!!"

My fren didn't buy his wife like the other Sporeans, so there's some degree of "true love" in their union. The wife used to work at our office. Then news of them dating broke, she was forced to quit and shortly after they were engaged. Nope...it's not shotgun...true love ok...

So Rod when's your turn? True Love, baby! True Love!

Anyways, the traditional Khmer wedding supposed to last for 3 days. Dunno wat they do, alot of rituals etc. then last night is the wedding banquet. My fren successfully "negotiated" for 1.5 days ceremony but nevertheless he looked pretty lethargic at the dinner.....

The wedding was held at this mega banquet hall place called Mondial. It's something like Spore's Suntec or Expo (but not as big lah). The place was packed as there was close to 15 wedding banquets happening simultaneously!

Now the strange thing with Khmer wedding banquets is that there is no fixed timing. You can come anytime in between the stated starting & ending time. You can come at 5pm, have the dinner and leave at 6pm - the bride&groom are still standing outside greeting the guests! Also if your table is not full, they will not serve the food. They will only start to serve you if and only all 10 seats are taken up. So in cases you go alone, you will be sitting with strangers...staring at you, making funny faces at you etc..

The bride&groom will appear in the last hour, for the ceremonial "walking down the aisle as frens&family pelt them with fragrant flower buds" thing. Then at the stage, bride&groom go thru numerous rituals as we stand around holding flowers and cheer. Checkout the pics: wedding. The makeup & costumes abit gaudy (like 70s 80s) but every female was prep-up like dat...hey, it's their culture so everybody now: dun hate; celebrate!

All of my male staff got smashed that nite. Free-flowing liquor at no charge - recipe for disaster... Checkout the pics: before & after. One guy vomitted in the MPV on the way back. Had to spend USD5 to clean the car. Luckily never sit in my car.

Alrite, check back for more this week...laterz