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Thursday, September 04, 2003


Over the last 3 weeks, I went back to JB twice. Nothing much, just took some time off to catch up with family and also get some obscure DVDs, foreign and criterion collection stuff nonetheless. Got Krzysztof Kieslowki's "three colors" trilogy DVDs (Blue, White, and Red) - the three colors of the French flag, symbolizing liberty, equality, and fraternity. Found a few Kurosawa stuff...Also managed to get Mifune's Samurai trilogy also, I believe CY bought these also? Anyways, there are always good stuff , if you can disregard the mainstream Hollywood stuff and really bother to spend time browsing the DVD covers...

Anyways, I was bumming around on Sunday afternoon, bored to death and channel surfing, unable to decide whether to have a "Lisa Ang Sunday" on ChannelNewsAsia or a Bollywood movie fest on Central. Watched a little segment of this particular Bollywood movie, and learnt some wise words from a very hairy Indian man. It made me think hard, never did a line from a Bollywood movie mean so much to me....especially in these times of poverty.

The RunDown: Our hero is Raja (just like Malay, it means King in Tamil/Hindi also). He is a Robin Hood kind of thief, stealing from the rich, giving to the poor, blah, blah, blah, your typical Bollywood hero. He is ugly and hairy, wears his shirt unbuttoned, revealing his curly chest hair, that goes all the way down his beer belly into deeper nether regions that most probably houses the most nasty and smelliest thing in Bombay.

The movie starts with him being released from prison, and he finds the obnoxious old prison warden, Warden Muthusamy waiting for him outside...

This is what transpired between the elderly prison warden and Raja, our TamilNadu hairy hero, the modern Robin Hood of Bombay:

Muthusamy: Raja, you piece of black shit, I better not see you back here again...

Raja: Thambi! I will come and go as I please... I will never change my ways!

Muthusamy: Tell me why do you lead a life of crime? Why?

(Insert DRAMA-MAMA music)

(Raja turns away from Muthusamy, looking straight into the camera, flips up his cheapo looking shades onto his sweaty forehead and said...)

Raja: "The world is like a TV. Only the rich and powerful have the remote control. If we dun do anything, we will always be under their control...."

(DRAMA-MAMA music full blast as Raja walked stylishly away from a blur-fucked Muthusamy )

POWER, rite?!!??!?
Haha, dun ask me how the movie ended cos stunned by the deepness of Raja's words, my remote control ironically fell onto my seat and my backside pressed the "previous channel" button. Lisa Ang was on, introducing some food or something, looking ever so "lao-chio"-ish.... I was so captivated that I spend the rest of that Sunday with her...

Closing Notes:
MUST-SEE MTVs: "BOA - Atlantis Princess" & "Beyonce Knowles - Crazy in Love"