flat·u·lence 1) The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract. 2) Self-importance; pomposity.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Proximity & Poverty

For these few days, I have been sleeping and waking up abit later than my usual routine. As a result, I've been comin in 15 minutes late but they dun really care....dunno why they even bother askin me to punch card if they dun give a damn. Anyways, there is a significant difference in the number & quality of MRT commuters. There's more, the MRT cars are alway full, the quality of working women much better (hehe). But normally I just dun give a damn cos although the quality is better the babe count is still abit on the low side. This little observation cum statistic made me hypothesize that babes do get the preferential treatment, they get to wake up late and go to work late. Anyways, I got my Today/Streats to read.

Today was no different. Lots of ppl, jammed packed in the MRT car. Around Paya Lebar or Aljunied, this babe came in. Quite fair, above average looks, long hair. Her bod is quite power, confirm a g-string/thong wearer. Stood in front of me, her back to me. It was so packed that the distance between us was like plus/minus 5cm. I was like trying hard not to touch her cos these compromising situations might lead to her accusing me of molesting her ass etc.. It was then when I first got a whiff of her scent. I felt damn down. It's that feeling of wanting a girl, that longing, power feeling I tell you, damn power, it's like wat Stephen Chow's "Chu-Lian" feeling, first love, something he frequently mentions in his movies....It's a nice feeling but you feel down becos you are lonely and got no girl to hold. That incident totally made my day, it was on my mind and spurred me to update death by flatulence, to get it all out. (Time-Out: I'm not a perv, I didnt go all out to smell her, it's just that we were so close that her long black hair, with highlighted streaks nontheless, was under my nose.) It has been such a long time since I was this close to a girl, approximately 5-6 years give or take, to be in such close proximity....sigh....how come girls always smell so nice??? Sigh, I just got back from lunch with my colleagues, they berated me for not making a move on that babe....to think about it, I think maybe I should.....then again, it wasnt the right place and time, how can you make a move on a girl when there's 5 or more other commuters surrounding us!

Onto more serious issues....My manager left for Jakarta this week, so I damn free. I have been talking to a manager about life etc. He's 30+, just married, settled down but used to be quite a playboy, lead quite a "colourful" life. He spent like around 8 years working abroad in places like South Africa, Australia, Papau New Guinea etc, damn power CV. Came back to Spore becos he wants to settle down. Basically, the main topic was about setting goals in our lives and working hard to achieving them. Note: when we are talking bout goals, it's definite goals, quantifiable goals, for example, to hit a salary of 5K in 5 years time or to be a manager in 3 years time etc., NOT to get a better job, or to be rich, or to be successful...no vague goals... I realised that I got no definite goals at all. Can't help feeling lost, dunno wat to do, wat to plan, where to start. If you take the time to observe the successful ppl around us, you will notice that they are the ones that map out their plans and strategies and set out to achieve and succeed. Still not convinced? If you need one example, I have one stayin under my roof, Ferry. I rest my case.

Money matters. We can be rich spritually, healthy, emotionally contented, blah, blah, bullshit, blah, blah but money still matters to us. Unless you decide to go to some cave or distant uninhabited land to live as a hermit, living off mother nature, you CANNOT say money doesn't matter to you. I hate being POOR. There's so many things I want to buy. Fuck being labelled materialistic and shallow, I dun really care, I want money. Life, financially, is about all about planning. Alternatively you can not think about anything and financially remain stagnant for the rest of your life. I dun want to remain POOR. Am I making any sense? Sorta. Fuck, I sound like a financial planner. Gross. Hmmm.....

Money matters aside, I am sorely lacking a lifestyle. I need to go out more, meet more ppl, socially I am kosong, big zero.
I gotta stop, too depressed to continue, time to go home also, hehe...

Quote of the day: ...the secret? we must maintain our overheads, keep our expenses low...