flat·u·lence 1) The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract. 2) Self-importance; pomposity.

Monday, July 08, 2002


Fell sick immediately after coming bad. The worst kind of FLU is STOMACH/GASTRIC FLU... I had to stick my finger to force vomit myself....to clear my bloated gassy stomach... Spent $30 to see the doctor....he gave me burp pills....hehehe, to help me burp...the nice malay nurse even give me extra burp pills...must be feeling guilty for making me wait an hour.....

The trip back JB yielded some cool dvds n vcds - Yojimbo & its sequel Sanjuro!!! Criterion collection somemore :)
Didnt feel refreshed but instead I felt really down....there wasnt an call from prospective employers all week, didnt achieve much - just sat in front of the tv and couch-potatoed....this must be most down period of the 24 years of my life....no job, no motivation....sigh