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Friday, April 12, 2002

The Spore Int Filmfest just started.
Went to watch Together. A Swedish comedy/drama, very interesting movie. Set in the 70s, the movie deals with issues like love, alcoholism, hippie/ leftist ideas, lesbian/gay stuff, homophobia, free sex and above all, loneliness. They all take place in this little house/commune where all the weird characters live and interact. This commune is called "Together" hence the film's title.

To be honest, I thought I have bought the wrong movie cos the synopsis given by the filmfest website wasnt all that spectacular. In addition, when I reached the cinema I missed like the first few minutes of the movie due to the horrendous rush hour traffic. Rushed in, took my seat and tried to watch it. Within a few minutes, I was hooked. There's an abused wife, Elisabeth, her pussy brother, Goran with his lover, Lena that likes to fuck a communist. Goran is in a "open" relationship with Lena....hehehe, it's totally hilarious to see the Goran's facial expressions as he give Lena his consent to fuck Erik, the communist. Erik is good at sex, in fact he gave Lena her first real orgasm, but all he wants to do is to talk about politics, marxist ideas etc.. Then there's Anna, a lesbian/feminist who waste no time making a move on Elisabeth who moved into the commune with her kids after she was abused by her husband. Then there's Lasse, ex-husband of Anna, a cynic, gets frustrated everytime he sees Anna hitting on Elisabeth. Lasse has to fend off the efforts of Klass, a persistent but soft-spoken gay man. There's also this neighbour that spys on the commune and later tells his wife that he is going to the basement to do some "woodwork"....hehehe.....

So many eccentric characters, all coming "together" in this little gem of a movie.